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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Update

Today was spent cleaning a very empty house -- well, it's not completely empty. We're leaving this silk tree that I have had for many years. When we bought one of our houses many years ago, we had it put in the contract that they would leave the tree for us. They did, and it has lived in six different houses with us. We've really had to pare down and get rid of a lot of things that would add bulk and weight to our move. So when our buyers asked if we would leave the tree with them I agreed. Just hope that they enjoy it half as much as I have!

And speaking of cleaning, do you realize how much easier it is to vacuum and mop when there's no furniture to get in the way?????? If I could get used to sitting on a hard tile floor, that might be the way to go!!

We will close on the house sale tomorrow and drive to Laredo, Tx and spend the night there. We'll cross the border on Saturday morning and drive about 6 hours to Matehuala and spend the night there. Then on Sunday we will continue our trip to Lake Chapala (another 6 hours).

Here's my contact info:
Betty Benton
5802 Bob Bullock Loop C-1
Ste. 328C - 228
Laredo, TX 78041

This is a mail service that will deliver our mail to Lake Chapala much more quickly. Unfortunately, I cannot receive packages, just regular envelopes (guess that will curb my spending on stamps and paper -- boohoo!!). I can receive a kraft envelope if it will fold. I can get things delivered to me in Mexico through FedEx -- I just don't know how much I would have to pay -- probably an arm and a leg!




The Other Patti Sue said...

How exciting... hope you trip to your new home is a very pleasant one!My thoughts and prayer are with you GF!

Patti P. said...

Betty, so sad but such an adventure for you. Please be safe and keep us posted ... hoping this will make a difference in your health. So glad you are keeping us updated.

Payne Holler Cards said...

wow - thank goodness the Lord has this all under control! you must be worn out!!!
have a safe trip - looking forward to hearing from you when you can...
many prayers lifted up for you and DH (-:

Brenda said...

Betty I wish you safe travels and I hoping for your health to improve quickly. I look forward to hearing that you made it to your new home safe and sound. {{Hugs}}

Patti J said...

It is so good to hear from you, Betty! Hope you have a wonderful and safe journey, and we want to see pics of your new house when you get there! Hugs, dear friend!!!

Sue W said...

Great to hear your news Betty! Have a safe trip I'll be thinking about you and looking forward to hearing that you're safely arrived in your new home!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I am awaiting exciting new photos so we can share this adventure with you. Safe journey!

Olga said...

You have been one busy Bee (hehe), now relax, sit back, enjoy the ride and just be safe. Keep us updated, and yes, it is a beautiful tree. At least you know she'll love it, she ask for it.

Colleen said...

How wonderful you are all ready to go! Keep safe, I copied your info so I have that. I can't wait to see more pictures.

CraftieConnie said...

Awwww the final stages of your move! Well guess what Betty, you will have one more chance at cleaning without any furniture when you get your new place heheheheheheheh!
Wishing you a safe trip down and much happiness in your new home, will be great getting new pics again from you. Hugs Connie

Becky said...

Wishing you a safe trip..