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The cards that I sell here in Chapala and Ajijic, Mexico benefit the dental program for the boys at Hope House in the nearby village of Ixlahuacan. There are close to 30 boys at the home and many of them come to the home having received no dental treatment. If you live here at Lakeside and would like to order a quality, hand crafted card for a special occasion and help me contribute to this worthy cause, please e-mail me at bettyinchapala@yahoo.com Card price is 50 pesos; the entire sales price is donated to Hope House.

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Candy and Kiddos

This morning we went to the nearby village of Mezcala to distribute the prettily wrapped candy to the children of the barrio of La Cuesta. I gotta tell 'ya, it was just plain FUN! Here's a picture of some of the kids waiting in line to receive their gift.
And here's one of a little girl helping her smaller brother.
 It was all very orderly.

Pastor Jose and the kids after they have received their candy. (Those are avocado trees in the background!)
We gave out all 140 presents and could have used some more -- next year I'll have to shoot for at least 200!

And on the way home we had another treat! Saw this little burro walking down the side of the road all by himself, his back loaded with firewood. Don't know the story of his owner; we figured this little guy had done this so many times that he knew where he was supposed to go even without being led!

We love our life in Mexico!!


Myrna said...

Wonderful pictures.
What a bunch of sweet kids.
Awe such a cute little donkey.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Hey Betty and Larry, Great pictures. The niƱos look so patient and organized. We are glad you had fun and they did for sure. Thanks for all you do to help the people of Mexico. When you get to heaven thre will be a giant burrito waiting for you.

Lainie B. said...

Hey cousins, really enjoyed seeing the pictures. Hope you guys are doing well.
Merry Christmas to you all!

Selma said...

How fun. Have a very Merry Christmas Betty.

redwasher1 said...

Betty, love the great photos and so glad you are loving your home. Merry Christmas, my friend.

Payne Holler Cards said...

Hi there, so enjoy your pictures ...you make me want to live there (-:
Wishing you a blessed new year!