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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Absentee Blogger

Hello! It's been a long time since I put in an appearance on my blog. Dental issues and other craziness of life have been taking priority.

Just wanted to share a picture of card class this month. A group of ladies from the Spanish speaking congregation of Lake Chapala Baptist Church came to the card class. I prepared a simple card that showed off embossing, die cuts, and stamping.

The lady on the left side with the face mask is Bertha; she was supposed to be our interpreter but got sick and could only whisper on the day of class! There are two "gringa" ladies in the middle. Beth is wearing a green shirt and took on the job as interpreter (she taught Spanish back in the United States!) and Joy (denim jacket) has been taking Spanish lessons and wanted to practice while meeting some of the ladies from the Mexican congregation!

I think they all had a wonderful time. Not only did they make this wreath card that I had prepared, they also jumped right into card making and created two or three other cards with the Christmas supplies that I had brought to use.

Also wanted to share a a few of the Christmas cards I've made this week.

I'm trying to decide if I'll keep up the blog, but I want to come back at least one more time and share some pictures of our Thanksgiving trip to the beach at Guayabitos.



Patti J said...

You can't stop blogging! We'd all miss you terribly! Love your projects, and seeing all these photos makes me happy for you! Looks like you have many, many friends in your new place! Hugs and blessings, Betty.

Olga said...

you can't leave us now!!!! Keep those awesome pictures coming LOL. No stress......just when ya can!

Myrna said...

First of all such a happy looking bunch of ladies.
Second - the cards are lovely.
Third- we would miss you something awful if you quit blogging altogether. Couldn't you just pop in once in awhile? As Olga says, no stress ....just whenever the spirit moved you.
However, if you do stop just know we will always be there for you.

redwasher1 said...

Betty! first, I love all of your photo's, everyone looks like they are having a great time. Your cards are spectacular!! Like Olga said, no pressure but hope you will stay and just get on when you can. What ever you decide, you are my friend. Hugs, Geri

Colleen said...

I love hearing about your adventures and sharing your beautiful pictures of scenery, flowers and friends with you. You would be missed terribly if you didn't pop in sometimes. Love your cards as always. I don't blog every day either :)

Patti P. said...

I second all of the above comments....I too have been very absent lately for whatever reasons but love to be able to visit and catch up as I can and I know everyone will still be there to support me when I do. Please don't stop letting us peer into your beautiful new home, church, friendships and adventures.
Just post when you feel like it.
Looks like you all had a fabulous day and love your cards.

Sue W said...

Hi Betty...I think we're all feeling a little stretched at the moment.......I know I'm having a hard time keeping up with everything. Please, please don't stop posting the occasional card on your blog you would be missed. Olga hit the nail on the head......every so often when you feel like sharing some of your creations.....no stress!

Merry Christmas!!

Theresa said...

I agree with all the comments. I would personally miss you if you stop blogging. Love seeing your photos, cards and reading about your adventures. Just post when you can but do not leave us entirely. I too do not post as often as I did but love blogging when I have time.Hugs!!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Life has been getting in the way of my commenting, Betty. I am so sorry! I love seeing what you are up to. Please don't leave us. I am, however, excited at how you have settled into to your fantastic life in Mexico!

Payne Holler Cards said...

Oh I hope you stay! I get behind in popping in and saying hi....but truly love your pictures and your cards!
No pressure....but hope you stick around (-: