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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving on the Beach

Many thanks for the encouragement to continue with the blog, even though it may not be every day. I did say I had some pictures to share with you from our beach holiday over Thanksgiving, so here goes......

This first picture is the hotel (Coco's) where we stayed. We were on the second floor. It was not a fancy hotel, but nice, clean and all the employees were very helpful, with friendly smiles! There were actually three different pools at the hotel and it was right on the beach too!

The next picture is another section of the hotel, which was across the road from our building. Don't you just love the abundance of color?!

Thought I'd better show you a picture of me on the beach to prove I was there. This beach didn't have white sand but it was very clean and smooth and the water was crystal clear. One of the places we visited in Puerto Vallarta had such a rocky beach that it was very hard on the feet walking out into the water. Didn't have that problem here.

Another colorful sight on the beach was a vendor selling water inflatables. I don't know how he saw where he was going -- his modified bicycle was completely taken over by water toys!!

Just wanted to show you a picture of a house on the hill nearby our hotel -- talk about a house with a view!! I'd love to be able to a peek inside of this one!

We were simply fascinated by all of the pelicans on the beach. You could walk within a foot of them and they weren't bothered at all!

And a couple of closeups.....

It was a wonderful, relaxing way to spend our Thanksgiving. Might have to do it again next year!



Myrna said...

Wonderful pictures.
Glad you decided to continue blogging.

Theresa said...

Great Photos. Love your Photo/travelogues. Have to go back and in my two cents worth on your post yesterday.

Selma said...

What fun pictures Betty. Love to see all the fun things you do.

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

This is what I am talking about..... How amazing! Wish I was with you all!

Colleen said...

I'm so glad you decided to stay on. I just have to say I'm in love with the colors of the hotel. When I was in my teens(long ago) Orange and pink was a favorite color combo of mine, since I made most of my clothes I had this amazing sweatshirt that had a bright pink body with orange sleeves and pocket. All the girls love it because it was so fun with white shorts. Thanks for sharing with us love to see all your pictures.

Payne Holler Cards said...

Love love love to finally get here and enjoy your pictures! What an awesome place....wonder who does live in that gorgeous house...
Would love a thanksgiving like this (-: