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The cards that I sell here in Chapala and Ajijic, Mexico benefit the dental program for the boys at Hope House in the nearby village of Ixlahuacan. There are close to 30 boys at the home and many of them come to the home having received no dental treatment. If you live here at Lakeside and would like to order a quality, hand crafted card for a special occasion and help me contribute to this worthy cause, please e-mail me at bettyinchapala@yahoo.com Card price is 50 pesos; the entire sales price is donated to Hope House.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Street Market

Wasn't able to make a card today so I'm sharing a couple of more photos from my trip to Mexico. These were both taken at a street market which is held every Wednesday. We were able to visit it before returning to Houston that afternoon. In one you will see me buying a pretty little bracelet for my granddaughter (grandson got a belt buckle!). The other shows veggies and other offerings. At one stall there was a head of cauliflower that was at least twice as big as we can buy here! Notice the "cobblestones" on the street -- you may have to click to enlarge the bottom picture) they're called cobblestones but they are more like the "bull rocks" we have around the perimeter of our house. They make for a very bumpy ride!

We got a call about 3:30 this afternoon from the retirement center where my MIL lives. She had fallen and needed for us to come over. We thought we would just need to help her up but when we arrived and tried to straighten out her leg just a tiny bit she had a lot of pain. So we had to call for an ambulance to transport her to the hospital. After x-rays, it was determined that she did indeed break her hip and will have to undergo surgery tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers!



Mary Anne / MA54K said...

The market looks like such fun. That is right up my alley. I am so very sorry about your MIL. I hope she is strong and will mend quickly. Hugs.

craftieodamae said...

Great picture! Sounds like a neat place.